Why use atp ?

We provide our customers with studio quality photo's within the school photo market.We make use of a variety of backgrounds and themes which we expand every year. We don't take school photo's - We take studio photo's @ your school !

From where do you work ?

Our office is in Pretoria from where we service the whole of South-Africa.

What time can we expect you @ our school ?

We drive from Pretoria, leaving our offices @ 8:00 am - please calculate the time of arrival. When we do more than one playgroup on the same day, please be patient as we can not guarantee time of arrival.

Do you do wedding portfolios ?

Yes we do, please see Gallery / Wedding

Do you have a studio where I can bring the family ?


Can you print re prints of my child ?

We do not print reorders. The parents must order their extra sets before-hand.

If we didn't ?

We can e-mail the original files after receiving proof of payment.   ( R 35.00 / image )

How long have you been in the school photography business ?

+ 25 years.

What camera equipment do you use ?

Broncolor, & Visatec Studio Flashes & Nikon digital cameras.

Office hours ?

Monday to Friday  -  08 : 00  to 14 : 00

Delivery time ?

Within 3 weeks.

Commission ?

The schools add their percentage.

Payment ?

Strictly COD - We deliver or mail the photos as soon as we receive proof of payment.